If you want to stay/get in touch with me, there are a few ways you can do so.

The old-fashioned to reach me way is to send me an email at That’s an address I normally reserve for Rejuvenaction, but you can use it to write me about l4t-related stuff as well. FYI, Rejuvenaction is a WordPress blog where I discuss/advocate for rejuvenation biotechnologies.

You can follow this blog by clicking the appropriate buttons on the sidebar on the right; each post I write on l4t is shared on its Facebook page, so if you follow it you’ll be kept up to date with all my l4t posts.

Speaking of authorship, if you want to take a look at my sci-fi book series, you can do so on the website of The Elynx Saga. On the subject, if you want to send an email about the books, send it The series also has its own Facebook page, and I’ve an author page on Goodreads too.

If you really feel compelled to stalk me everywhere, Twitter and LinkedIn are your friends too. I also write articles/posts for the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation from time to time.